53rd Northeastern Open

I am playing in this tournament this weekend.

When I first started playing again in 2011 this was the first tournament I played in.  I went 5-0 to win the Reserve Section.

So this tournament has always been a special one to me as a result.

Yesterday I won my first game, lost my second, and then took a bye in round three as I am making the 75 mile trip back and forth to save a few bucks.

I’ll post the games over the next few days as I get a chance to go over them.

One thing is for sure though…I’m changing my repertoire as White against the Slav.

I played Edgar Talayko at the SWCC in a game a couple of weeks ago and I played the Exchange Slav.  I’ve been sick of this though.  So yesterday I played Susie Ulrich and I played 4…e3.

But I’m going back to a more main line approach.

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

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