Amazing Attacking Instincts Pantsulaia-Polgar 0-1

I was looking at the beginning of Jan Markos’ book for Quality Chess Under the Surface and the first example they show is this one.

This is from the 2011 European Championship, and I personally believe this to be one of Judit’s finest games in her later career.

She has sacrificed an exchange already, but once White castles out of any perceived danger on his next move he should be fine.  Sure, he’ll be slightly weak on the light squares, and Judit does have the bishop pair, but will that be enough?

On top of all of this, the b pawn is hanging, so Judit needs to get an attack going in order to justify the material deficit.

So she uncorks 13…Nd3+ 14.exd3 Bxd3!

Now White can no longer castle, and the bishop on d3 is a monster which fully justifies being down a rook for two pawns.

Here is the full game:

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One thought on “Amazing Attacking Instincts Pantsulaia-Polgar 0-1”

  1. Wow fascinating idea! I would never think a rook for two pawns could be enough just by having that bishop, but apparently it works!

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