Coons – Wainscott 1/2-1/2

Last night I played my first game since the beginning of the Book Challenge.  I felt that I played well enough in the opening, then stumbled a bit followed by opponent missing a forced (though a long line) mate.

So all in all a bit of luck can often go a long way.

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

2 thoughts on “Coons – Wainscott 1/2-1/2”

  1. Another Draw with all kinds of material still on the board?

    Are you guys just all friends with each other?

    You play in a big tournament like the Chicago Open where you are not just playing one of your buddies, and it will be a Draw when you are down to 2 lone Kings!

    Of course I’m exaggerating just a little, but it will go down to an obviously drawn King & Pawn endgame.

    You need to get in the practice of playing games all the way out if you ever intend to play outside of your club.

    You also can’t be afraid to play endgames.

    Endgames are a fascinating part of chess, and a chance to turn the tables on higher rated players who often achieved a 2000 rating despite being inept at endgames.

  2. I kinda agree with Dean.

    You have a couple of potential targets in f3 and possibly d5(is it weak or passed?) and a light-squared bishop to target them.

    Maybe something along lines of(all rapid in head, no board used) RxRc1 RxRc1 Re3 followed by Re7/Bg6-h5 and King off the b1-h7 diagonal
    He defends that then you get queen down either e or c file and penetrate some. Have to watch d5 pawn yes but if he’s busy defending f3 and ultimately his king that may not matter.

    At the least, it’s something to do and if it fails miserably and it turns out the d5 pawn was a strong passer, than you gained knowledge.

    Unless you looked at all that and decided the d pawn was a strong passer and just didn’t put that in your annotations.

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