Coons – Wainscott 1/2

Here is the game that I played yesterday in Round Three of the Southwest Chess Club Joe Crother’s Memorial Championship.

Heading in to this game I was content to draw since I manage to find ways to lose against Jim quite often.

The game wasn’t the most interesting, but I did say (and mean) after this game that going forward I will be working on mainline KID stuff.  No more sidelines for the time being.

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

4 thoughts on “Coons – Wainscott 1/2”

  1. It sound contradictory to me that you are going to make it to a USCF rating of 2200, but at the start of the game you are just hoping to Draw an 1882.

    I might be happy enough to Draw an 1882, but that’s because I realize that I myself am not even rated 1800, and doubt I will ever achieve even just a 2000 rating.

    When I was younger I was against taking short Draws because I can’t learn anything from the game I don’t play out.

    But after a while I realized that I was just not any good and would never be any good, so I started to like those short easy Draws.

    Perhaps deep down you have entered that phase too.

  2. I forget, but didn’t you make a previous post about not taking short draws?

    Which, by the way, most Masters actually advise their students to play games out for both competitive spirit and whatever they can learn from the experience of playing the game out.

    Again, I long ago gave up any delusions that I would ever be any good, but before I did, I believed in playing games out for the learning experience.

    1. I have horrendous luck against Coons. So as I mentioned in the original post against anyone else I’d continue, but against Jim I was perfectly content to take the draw.

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