Just Back From the US Championships

First of all, let me begin by saying congratulations to both first time champions, Wesley So and Sabina Foiser.

I know it’s been a while since I was able to write any updates here on anything, but I’ve been away.

Some memories I will take with me for some time to come…

Meeting not only Sabina, but also her fiancé, Elshan Moradi Abadi.  What a great guy (not to mention strong GM!) he is.  I was fortunate to have a drink with them on Sunday night as she was celebrating her victory.

The Sunday night get together at the Chess House.  It was fun to see everyone socializing and getting some bughouse/blitz action going.  Not only do the players and commentators get together, but there are always a dozen or so other titled players in the form of seconds, journalists, visitors, etc.  I had a wonderful time getting to hang out with folks like Hikaru and Yasser and the gang.

Eric Hansen.  This guy really delivers on the “Canadians are nice people” stereotype.  He’s a damn fine commentator who seems to have a very bright future both behind the commentary desk and over the board.  I promise you I will be rooting for the Montreal Chessbrahs in 2018!

A Taste of Lebanon.  Great restaurant in the Central West End.  It’s been there forever but this was the first time that I ate there.  I highly recommend the falafel and the spicy potatoes.

Gata Kamsky.  What can possibly be said about this guy that hasn’t already been said a million times over.  We have a good friend in common and so I have been lucky enough to spend a little time around Gata.  He’s always an interesting conversationalist.

The Saint Louis Chess Campus.  OK, at this point I’ve been there numerous times over several years, but really, it can’t be said enough…this is a great place for chess fans to be.

Now I have a couple of articles to work on for various topics.  One for Chess Life Online and another for American Chess Magazine.  So it’s back to the grind.

While gone I did some work on chess as there was a lot of live analysis between friends and I at the US Championships, along with solving some tactics.

Tonight I also get back to work on some Quality Chess books to get back on that horse as well.  I have a new tournament starting in two days.

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

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