Karpov in Linares 1994 – Round Eleven

My Patreon page is now live! I could really use your help. If you’ve seen this more than once that means that you’re hopefully getting something useful out of this blog. I pay all of the costs for hosting, and put a lot of effort into creating the content. Please consider becoming a Patreon supporter.  If you can spare it, please click here and become a supporter. Even $1 a month can help me continue this project. When a player starts with 8.5 out of the first ten rounds, it would make sense for that player to steer games into quiet paths for the final three rounds of the event in order to seal the victory in as riskless a way as possible. 27 years ago, in the sleepy Spanish town of Linares, the chess world was shown a different side of the game when former world champion Anatoly Karpov showed he had no intentions of slowing down in his round eleven game against future world champion Vladimir Kramnik. Here is that game, which features a sharp opening followed by the relentless technique that Karpov is known for.

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