Karpov in Linares 1994 – Round Five

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Sometimes in the course of a chess tournament, especially a long super elite one, it suddenly appears obvious that Caissa is favoring one participant or another.

In Linares 1994 that starts to become obvious in round five. After a perfect 4-0 start the game between Ivanchuk and Karpov starts out a bit of a quiet affair. After opening with the QID the game settles into a bit of a maneuvering affair and neither player is able to get much of an edge.

Then, suddenly, the game turns on a dime when Chucky plays 28.Qe3? and gets run over by a two move tactic.

When a player is both in top form, and has fortune smiling on them, it’s a clear sign that you might be witnessing something special in the making.

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Chris Wainscott

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