Missed Opportunity (Pokorski-Wainscott 1/2-1/2)

One area in which I have long struggled in chess is strategy.  Specifically as relates to planning.

I do feel like I have made some slight improvements in this area, but it’s not nearly enough.

This was evident in the following game.  I was never in any danger, but the one real missed opportunity in this game was by me.  I could have played 20…c4

So, at the end of the day I can see the next area I’ll need to focus a lot on.

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

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One thought on “Missed Opportunity (Pokorski-Wainscott 1/2-1/2)”

  1. Wow!!

    When I played in the Chicago Open, just a few weeks ago, none of my opponents would give me a Draw, even in games that I was actually much better or even winning.

    I am not exaggerating!! (I actually offered early Draws to my first 6 opponents, but of course they all wanted to win.)

    At a tournament like the Chicago Open, there are no quick Draws unless both players are already clearly out of the money.

    I was competitive enough, long enough, that only my final game in the 7th round amounted to an exhibition game.

    I can’t be sure that my opponent rated 2020 didn’t lose that game on purpose!

    My first round opponent from Ohio, quit the tournament after losing to me, and my 5th round opponent quit the tournament after only Drawing to me!

    I can’t understand agreeing to a Draw with all those pieces and Pawns still on the board.

    Also, you really might want to have a defense prepared against 1.f4. (Actually, my only loss at the 2018 Chicago Open came against 1.f4, and it is because I botched the Opening!)

    And as far as there being no way for White to breakthrough?

    That’s Grandmaster talk!!

    Play an endgame, and all 3 results are possible.

    In fact, if there is no way for White to breakthrough, then why not let him try?

    That’s how I win a lot of my games against higher rated opponents!!

    They try too hard to win an Endgame when there is no win, and they screw up trying too hard to win a game that they can’t win.

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