Move Order Matters

Since I started working on solving studies on a more regular basis I have noticed that I often pick up on the themes, but that I have a tendency to not get the move order correct in a meaningful way.

Take this study by Kubbel for example.

It’s White to move and win.  Feel free to set a clock for ten minutes as I did and try to work through the solution.

Quite often in these drills I find the same thing repeating itself.  I will start at the position for some time trying to figure out the nuances, then just as I start to make sense of the position I’ll only have a few minutes left and so I rush through working on a solution and I’m not getting it quite correct.

My assumption is that if I just stick with it eventually I’ll see the ideas quicker and be left with more time to calculate without getting into such “time pressure” and missing stuff like this.

Here is the solution, including the failed move order I selected:

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

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