My Best Ever Piece of OTB Calculation

Thursday I played a game where I somehow was able to calculate crystal clear at the end of the game.  Hopefully that’s a sign that all the work I did over the summer is paying dividends!

Feel free to take some time and try to work out the solution, which I give at the bottom of this post.

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

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The solution to the above position:


2 thoughts on “My Best Ever Piece of OTB Calculation”

  1. The moment I glanced at the position, I assumed White was winning.

    There is nothing to calculate, which is probably why your opponent resigned after your next move.

    It’s called, “The outside passed pawn wins”, which I first learned 45 years ago from a George Koltanowski pamphlet on the “Colle System”.

    Of course, time permitting, there is nothing wrong with calculating it all the way out!

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