Round One of the Southwest Chess Club Championship

This past Thursday the first round of the Southwest Chess Club Joe Crothers’ Memorial Championship took place.

I am relatively pleased with my first round game.  Other than one opening inaccuracy (11…c5 instead of 11…Bb7) and one ridiculous waste of time (17…Rc8, only to have to move right back to a8 on my next move) I think my play was fairly good.

So 1-0 to start with five rounds to go.

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

2 thoughts on “Round One of the Southwest Chess Club Championship”

  1. I notice that you know your openings but that your transmission towards middlegame you tend to have little to no plans on how to continue (and I noticed this not only in this game). Maybe this comes how you write your analysis or maybe I am just wrong and seeing ghosts.

  2. You are correct in that I tend to play planlessly in unfamiliar positions.

    This is what I mean by learning openings though. Learning the ideas and resulting structures.

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