Strategic Mistake Leads to Endgame Loss

Here is a game I played at the Waukesha Club on Wednesday.

I didn’t want to allow the position to become completely closed with no tension so I came up with the dubious idea of 11…Nh5 which would allow me to get 12…e5 in, but I completely missed the 13.Nc4 idea.

After that I am probably strategically lost.  I have a lot of work to do analyzing this game completely yet, but the ending was just bad for me since my rooks were passively stuck behind my pawns.

I also thought that Ivan’s idea with 30.b4 was really good.  My guess is that it might not be the most precise move according to an engine, but that from a practical sense it’s great since it allows him to open up a second theater of operations (principle of two weaknesses) and break through.

All in all a very instructive game, although now my work is cut out for me to salvage my tournament there with three rounds to go.

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

One thought on “Strategic Mistake Leads to Endgame Loss”

  1. I think when you first enter the Rook and Pawn endgame, it can’t be too bad for you.

    Rook and Pawn endgames are notoriously drawish. You can often draw down a Pawn and sometimes even 2 Pawns.

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