Strongest Win Ever (Wainscott – Wallach 1-0)

This game was my third of the day on the first day of the USATN last weekend in Schaumburg.

I haven’t analyzed it deeply but here is what I have.

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

3 thoughts on “Strongest Win Ever (Wainscott – Wallach 1-0)”

  1. That’s a solid win. Congratulations. It seemed like you had pressure on the whole time. The whole Dutch thing doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t even know why people play it. Since you are going through Yusupov’s books, I’ll share a quote of his about the Dutch, which I really like: ‘The only problem with the Dutch is that black often finds his best move in a position is f5-f7.’

    Having played so well in this game, it is a little unbelievable that your weekend didn’t go so well. I wonder whether you’ve diagnosed the problem, or whether it was just variance caused by style match-ups and other stuff like chance openings.

  2. I think he had trouble with a chance opening called the Budapest Fajarowicz.

    The same Budapest Fajarowicz that I recently mentioned often has Black winning in 10 moves or less.

    In this case Black was winning after 7 moves.

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