Tactics Update

Here’s an update on the tactics program with 90 days to go.

Date Day Correct/Missed
7/1/2018 Day 1 16/5
7/2/2018 Day 2 16/6
7/3/2018 Day 3 22/4
7/4/2018 Day 4 20/3
7/5/2018 Day 5 11/3
7/6/2018 Day 6 18/3
7/7/2018 Day 7 11/5
7/8/2018 Day 8 12/7
7/9/2018 Day 9 14/5
7/10/2018 Day 10 18/4

Something interesting happened today.  I wound up starting 3/3 but finishing 18/4.  Which is good since perhaps I’m internally disassociating from worry about the score itself and just focusing on the puzzles.

A lot of time I wind up with a gambler mentality and if I miss one or two I suddenly feel myself starting to want to play fast and loose and almost move like I’m playing a blitz game instead of looking at a position which I know has a concrete solution.

This is why I have days like the 11/5 and 12/7 days.  I started off bad and then felt like I was forcing it.

So perhaps this is a breakthrough of sorts.  That would be good!

In the meantime, while I intend to carry on with this task since it’s 15 minutes of random positions, I also intend to start making physical flashcards so I can use the woodpecker method on about 500 or so problems.

All in all I feel like my tactics continue to slowly improve, so that’s a start.

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

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