The Last Battle of Boris Spassky

In 2009 two elder statesmen met in Elista to rekindle their rivalry when Boris Spassky face Viktor Korchnoi in an eight game match.

Boris had arrived several days in advance, while Viktor rushed to arrive from London where he had just been guest of honor at the London Chess Classic.

As the 78 year old Korchnoi was exhausted after his last minute arrival, Spassky proposed limiting the match to six games instead of the scheduled eight and giving Korchnoi an additional rest day.

Viktor refused and managed to take the first game from the 72 year old Spassky, who had played his last serious game seven years prior.

Nevertheless, Spassky fought back and the match ended in a draw. These are to date (and presumably for all time to come) the final professional games of Spassky to appear in the database.

And so Boris the Tenth rode off into the sunset…

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