The Plan for 2020

As I mentioned a few days ago I need to put together a plan for 2020 since my goal is to get to 1900 for the first time.

However, I have no intentions of putting together one of those pie in the sky projections claiming that I’ll spend 20 hours a week on this and 20 hours a week on that, etc.

The goal here is to start by being realistic about the goal and honest about the process of how to improve.

So let’s start with the easy stuff…things that will be done every day.


Unlike in the past where I have said I’d do X number of hours of tactics per day, etc. my plan this time is to do what I’ve been doing. Namely, tactics on my phone using Chessable. I’ve been using the course 1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners. Don’t let the title fool you. These aren’t mate in ones or hanging queens, they’re more like tactics aimed around 1200-1600ish level players.

The idea is to get tactics at this level down to reflexive movements. I’ve gone all the way through the book three times and almost halfway through the fourth go  round.

Once I’ve made it through seven times I’ll switch to my next tactics course, which is 1001 Chess Exercises for Club Players. That book seems to be geared more toward the 1400-1800 level. I’ll do the same seven revolutions.

Please note that this concerns quick tactics only. We’re not speaking about calculation, just quick tactics.


Same as tactics, I’ll be working using Chessable for openings. In fact, I have been. Mostly I’ve been adding my own lines using pgn files which I create, but I’ve also branched out to buy courses.

As for a repertoire I plan on just keeping the same one I’ve had for some time now.

White:  1.e4

Black: Against 1.e4 I’ll stick to 1…e5. Against 1.d4 I’ll stay with the KID. Against 1.c4 I’ll play 1…Nf6 and we’ll go from there.

Ultimately the idea is to just deepen my repertoire after having spent the last several years broadening it.


Again, this is something I use Chessable for. I’ve been working through Jesus de la Villa’s 100 Endgames You Must Know.

So for  tactics, openings, and endgames I’ll just be working on them intermittently throughout the day on my phone. Sometimes I sit down for an extended period of time at home for this, but generally between breaks and lunches I’ll get an hour a day in.


This is where Chessable and I part ways.

For calculation I plan on solving endgame studies and playing a lot of guess the move.

I spent some time a little over a year and a half ago working through a bit of Domination in 2545 Endgame Studies. I found the work to be extremely rewarding although difficult process.

I’d like to spend at least 30 minutes three times a week on this. The plan would be to spend 15 minutes per exercise, meaning I should be able to get through a minimum of six exercises per week.

Additionally I would like to do at least two full guess the move sessions per month. When I do guess the move it’s usually a three plus hour session, so getting two of these per week would be a serious chunk of time.

So that’s it. That’s the plan. Sure, there will be a lot more, but this is the outline of the plan which will give me the best chance to get to 1900 in 2020.

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

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