The Turnaround Begins

Thursday I played a rated training game against NM Rithwik Mathur.  I had agreed to play the White side of a line that he was wanting to test.

I found a few moves I was particularly proud of, especially 20.c4 and I also made things harder than they needed to be (sacking the exchange back instead of finding 40.R3e4) but overall I felt like the game was fairly well played on my part.

I do think that Rithwik missed two winning ideas.  One was 52…a2 which I saw at the board, and the other was 53…Rg2 which was pointed out by NM Bill Williams after the game.

Either way, I think that this game represents the first game in what will hopefully be a turnaround for me.

Here’s the game:

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott

3 thoughts on “The Turnaround Begins”

  1. I think it’s a good idea to play training games against decent opponents!

    As far as the Rook & Pawn endgame, you should learn these better!

    Just crack open a good endgame book and learn as much as you can about Rook & Pawn endgames and King & Pawn endgames and it will pay off over and over again!!

  2. When you play “training games” it’s a good idea to actually bet on the games!!

    You want your opponent to give you his best game!!

    What incentive does he have to do that if you are simply paying him to play you?

    I actually think it’s a good idea to “trash talk” before the game so both my opponent and myself will take the game very personally and each try our absolute hardest to beat that fucking asshole who just insulted me!!

    1. You’re not making any sense here. I didn’t pay him to play me, and the game was rated, so you can bet he brought his A game even though clearly there were blunders on both sides.

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