What a Game! Nakamura – Andreikin 1-0

One of my students has this problem with passivity. He often gets his pieces out quickly in the opening, but then founders a bit and simply hands the initiative over to his opponent.

After seeing and hearing of many good positions being spoiled this way I started showing him some King’s Gambit games. Not because I think he should play the opening, but because I think that so many of those games are famous for teaching about the importance of speed and initiative.

Of course we looked at games like the immortal game:

And more modern games like Nakamura – Adams:

So tonight I was thinking…I wonder f there are any other games Hikaru has played in the KG that would be worth showing my student. I messaged Hikaru to ask him if he had any good ones and he said “My game against Andreikin in the World Blitz.”

And that’s where I discovered this amazing game. Enjoy!

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