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These days, when you’re looking up games, you need to pay special attention to whether or not the game was played online.

Let’s take the game Donchenko-Malek played on 11/07/2023 in the early Titled Tuesday. Since this game is in an opening I play (the Caro), I decided to look at it since I often look at games in TWIC that are played in my openings.

We start out with a sideline:

Here, Malek plays 3…g6 instead of taking the pawn and exchanging queens. Cool, I don’t look at these lines too often, so this is some good stuff.

I keep going through the game, and it’s just dead level, but I can see that Malek wins, so what the heck.

One move from the end of the game, Black is slightly better, but nothing spectacular. Then:

In this position, Donchenko, clearly intending to play 29.Rd6, instead plays 29.Rd5.

Ah. No wonder the game is lost.

Here is the entire game for anyone interested.

Just a reminder that in the digital chess age, you can’t take a result at face value 100% of the time.

Til Next Time,

Chris Wainscott